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What was PSE&G Marketplace?

PSE&G Marketplace was an online store that offered instant rebates on smart thermostats, which helped our customers save money and energy.

Why is PSE&G Marketplace closed?

PSE&G had a limited number of available rebates which have been exhausted at this time. Please visit to learn about other ways to save energy.

Will PSE&G offer smart thermostat rebates in the future?

PSE&G has proposed a Clean Energy Future program with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to make critical investments in clean energy and advanced technology that would help propel New Jersey’s role as a national leader in energy efficiency and jumpstart other clean energy priorities.  This program, if approved, would include a marketplace for smart thermostats as well as many other products and services to help our customers save energy.  Please visit to learn more.



 How do I view my order history?

Login to your account, click on your name in the top right corner, then click “Account” to view your order history.

Forgot your password?

You can initiate a password reset by clicking “Account” in the top right corner. From there a drop down menu will appear with the option to “Login or Register.” Click on “Login or Register” and then click “I've forgotten my password” to initiate a password reset. 

What if I received a damaged product?

Please contact us or call 1-833-768-7553. We will provide a pre-paid return shipping label and explain how to return your order.

How do I return a thermostat?

For questions on returns, please visit Returns.



Your privacy is very important to us. For details, please visit PSE&G Marketplace Privacy Policy. For your convenience, here are links to the Privacy Policy of each of the thermostat manufacturers on PSE&G Marketplace:

Other Questions

Still have questions? We are happy to help. Please contact us or call 1-833-768-7553.